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By Nate Eaton,  July 5, 2018

IDAHO FALLS — A record-breaking number of people watched the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration fireworks show at Snake River Landing Wednesday night.

Officials estimate over 200,000 spectators witnessed the largest fireworks display west of the Mississippi River. Last year, Idaho Falls Police estimated 170,000 people viewed the 31-minute show along the banks of the Snake River.

“This year, there were so many people we simply couldn’t count. Compared to last year, we estimate that at least 20 percent more people attended,” Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson said in a statement to

In addition to the massive number of people viewing fireworks from Snake River Landing, thousands more watched from outside the 450-acre property. Many spectators commented that traffic following the fireworks seemed much smoother than in years past and there weren’t any reports of major incidents.

“We want to commend the team at Ball Ventures and Snake River Landing for creating a very effective traffic plan,” Johnson said. “Execution of the traffic plan was the key to getting so many people out of one area quickly and efficiently.”

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