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Crush the Curve Idaho brings businesses together to test workers for COVID-19

By Catie Clark, Idaho Business Review

Due to the scarcity of COVID-19 testing kits in the United States, novel coronavirus testing has mostly been limited to people with convincing symptoms or known contact with COVID-19 patients. Now a group of businesses is working to change that in Idaho.

“We have been woefully undertesting in Idaho,” said Tommy Ahlquist, CEO of BVA Development, who is spearheading the Crush the Curve Idaho effort. “I am proud of the coalition of business leaders who have stepped up to help solve this problem at a time of crisis.”

The plan is to test all of Idaho’s essential workers to avoid inadvertently spreading COVID-19 from essential workers to others and get all Idahoans back to work.

The business group has secured enough material to conduct 1,000 COVID-19 tests daily. The tests are available for essential workers who are in contact with the public because of the demands of their employment: health care workers in direct patient care, first responders, grocery store and convenience store workers, home health and senior care workers, food service workers and delivery drivers.

Crush the Curve Idaho started testing essential workers on April 8 in the Treasure Valley region. founding companies are A10 Capital, Albertsons, Athlos, B&T Hospitality, Ball Ventures, Blue Cross of Idaho, Brighton Corporation, BVA Development, Clearwater Analytics, Idaho Central Credit Union, Jacksons Food Stores, Old Boise, Rexburg Motor Sports, Saltzer Health, Teton Auto Group, Tovuti LMS, Woodgrain and Zennify.