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Meridian Breaks Ground on Planned Flex Office Space

MERIDIAN — Ball Ventures Ahlquist broke ground Wednesday on a planned flex office space at its Victory Commons project in Meridian.

South Meridian is growing substantially, said Thomas Ahlquist, Ball Ventures Ahlquist’s director of marketing and community relations. Victory Commons is located at the intersection of South Meridian and Victory roads. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in this area,” Ahlquist said. “I think it’s upwards of 11% growth … this new flex office space is kind of a new, fresh start for this site. It’s going to spark a lot more growth.”

Ball Ventures Ahlquist is a joint venture of Ahlquist Development and Ball Ventures. The leaders of each company had a shared vision of creating a “prominent medical and office development and investment company.” Flex office space is a series of areas in one building that are “individually customized” to the tenant’s needs, Ahlquist said.

In a previous phase, a Saltzer Health urgent care and family medicine clinic opened at Victory Commons in 2020, the Idaho Press reported. Ball Ventures Ahlquist acquired Saltzer Health, previously called Saltzer Medical Group, in January 2019. A Sherman-Williams paint store also opened, he said.

The Victory Commons project is 17 acres. The new flex office space is a 30,000-square-foot building. More amenities will be available at the project over time, Ahlquist said, but he did not specify what they would be.

Ahlquist declined to give specifics about future phases, but said the company would be launching flex office buildings at other developments in the Treasure Valley. “This is our first one, kicking it off of expanding this idea throughout the valley,” Ahlquist said. “Especially in a post-pandemic world we live in, it’s really important to offer flexibility.”